The RAF SIMONS×adidas Stan green 2016 - Women RAF SIMONS x Low-Top

The RAF SIMONS×adidas Stan green 2016 - Women RAF SIMONS x Low-Top

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[brand name] RAF SIMONS (Simons) x adidas

-RAF SIMONS×ADIDAS Stan Smith sneakers
-This sneakers unisex model.

-Item comments
-Iconic Stan Smith, the designer Raf Simons reimagine,
In premium leather made from the finest Italian leather upper, lace matching has been sporting.
• Lace up front, round toe,
-"R" punching specifications
• Wedge sole: 1.7 cm, heel: 2.4 cm
-Material composition leather
-Detail: logo / solid thong open round toe and leather lining / grooves with rubber-soled shoes / nor her
-Color: Green


-RAF SIMONS (Simons)
And is a smart and fresh sneakers celebrate the resurgence of American tennis player Stan Smith's famous sports manufacturer adidas and RAF Simons, collaboration, STAN SMITH (Stan).
-Replaced by the letter 'R' expressed in punching the three stripes adidas icons, presence Preeminent the Embossing Simons logo on the heel design super cool!.


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The RAF SIMONS×adidas Stan green 2016 - Women RAF SIMONS x Low-Top